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lot better

looks a lot better with something taking up the empty black space, even if it is something as simple as smoke, the lights in the eyes was a nice touch too, nicely done


this is a feat of artistic genius, the way you made it look just like the toon but more realistic is amazing :3

Osuka responds:

hahaha thanks, if you have 3d glasses you should give a try how looks XD


id say practice backgrounds, nobody likes gradients, they dont look nice any way you use em, next your anatomy, the legs look good, but you might wanna practice the arms they seem a bit long, they normally reach just below the waist, not at the knees, and finally shading, there barely is any, clothing is hard to shade, but anything is better than nothing, gives us something to look at to tell you to improve on, and gives the picture some depth, instead of it looking really flat, basically you just need practice and youll be fine, so you know what to do, find some tutorials and practice


but the paws look a bit off, not defined enough i guess, and none of it looks like fur apart from the tail, which is meant to be fire, still better than anything i could do


its nicely done, coulda been a bit more defined like the textures on the wings, the rings lantern and head seem way too smooth though, even if they are metal theyd still have some texture, and more shine than they do now, theres no difference between skin and metal here, also, small note, the ends of its toes have claws that are a different colour...but thats not that important finally, more angles please, head on is boring and doesnt show much


while it is well modeled and does have texture you coulda added more texture, even in full view its hard to notice, also another thing for your consideration is including more angles in the shot, like have a side view and a back view so we can see the entirety of the render


you got the theme across well, certainly comes across in the piece, but my main tip would be dont shade with black and white, it never comes out well, that and the rest of the pic seems a bit empty, needs something just to take up the space, or make it more interesting

ZaneZansorrow responds:

I gotta remember not to shade like that, thanks. I originally wanted to add a frying pan sizzling under that bean but I never find the time to do it :<

its good

but the detail is lacking for most of it, while the hand, head and beans are extremely detailed, the rest of the body isnt, and the hand seems too big for the rest of him, but its still really good even though his face looks inhuman, and the b&w and texture takes most of the detail

J-qb responds:

Yeah the texture was meant to take away some of the detail and especially lack thereoff, so im glad that worked ;) I get your point though. The hand is big because its supposed to be closer to the camera thought It would add some movement to the piece.
The head is way too detailed, your right about that. the thing is I started with the head and after that couldnt do everything with the same level of detail. thanks for the rev

youve outdone yourself

i think this is probably the best youve done, theres no real criticism i could give apart from adding more detail to the sauce/liquid because right now it looks like slightly orange water, and fixing the steam, its too thin and wispy everything else is good and as iv said, shows definite improvement

Luwano responds:

Thank you for the compliments.

I see that the sauce could use some "thickness" and maybe more red colours... but maybe I just cook my meals with more flimsy sauces. :P

The steam was added during the last steps, I must admit. I didn't know how else to make it look "boiling hot". I even kinda like how the steam almost disappears in front of the light parts of the background. Still, I know it could use some refinement.

Thanks a lot!


doing art just to prove a point or show people up is never a good idea, just shows how petty YOU are, the art itself?, not much variation from your other work, its good but nothing new, same body, same facial expression, also on her hand showing, she either has no thumb, or its severely broken, so its good but nothing special

- happy halloween

HOTDESIGNS responds:

Well, look at it this way:
I dont did this drawing to prove anything to anyone. First, because there's no one that interests me here; Second, the same body is not. It can be compared with everyone ; Third and most important:
- I dont worry about these details. Drawing to me is Hobby. i Live well. And not because of designs. If I make money drawing, fine. But this is not my profession.
Who cares about these details: People who have this profession. They always have to try to change their designs, because it has to attract attention. I do not.

But I understand your comment. I'm not upset. But just to be clear.
There is a sucker who lives here bothering me for it.
I do not care for drawings! I am not professional and do not want to be. I do by Hobby.
Thanks for the coment and note.

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